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How to Connect Soundbar to Sceptre TV [Three Full Guide]

Sceptre televisions are among the top models on the market. You receive excellent video quality, and some customers have said it was the finest investment they’ve ever made. However, if most people consider sound to be an important component of television, you will need to invest in an external audio system.

Soundbar is one of the best external audio systems you can buy, and it’s well worth the investment. The Soundbar is a small, slim audio system that can be connected to Sceptre TV to take advantage of the device’s improved audio quality. Â

How to Connect Soundbar to Sceptre TV


Method 1: Use an HDMI cable to connect the soundbar to the Sceptre TV.

One of the most common ways to connect a Soundbar to a Sceptre TV is through HDMI. Take a look at the steps you’ll need to complete this procedure.

The first step is to locate the HDMI port on your Sceptre TV and Soundbar. Your television’s HDMI connector may be labeled as item ARC or eARC. Either port will function.
The second step is to take an HDMI cable and put one end into the HDMI port on the television and the other end into the Soundbars out port. Remember that if you’re using the ARC HDMI port, you’ll need a 1.4 cable, and if you’re using the eARC port, you’ll need 2.1 cables.
You must adjust the settings on your Soundbar and television in the third stage, which you may do with the remote control. Change the audio setting on the Sceptre TV to HDMI, and the D.IN option on the Soundbar.

Method 2: RCA Cable 

RCA cables are the second option for connecting Soundbar to Sceptre TV. People that connect Soundbars to televisions do not often utilize RCA cable.

You may still utilize this way if the HDMI and optical ports (which we’ll talk about next) aren’t working properly. The methods for connecting the Soundbar and Sceptre TV using an RCA connection are simple.


Red and white RCA wires are available. So, first, check to see if your Soundbar and television have the same color connectors.

The second step is to connect the one end of the wires to the Audio out jacks on your Sceptre TV and the other end to the same color Audio In ports on the Soundbar.
You may test it by playing anything on your Sceptre TV once you’ve connected the red and white RCA wires to the appropriate ports on the television and Soundbar.


Method 3: Optical cable.

This is the final and most successful strategy. After HDMI cables, optical cables are the most common way to connect two devices. Steps are also simple; let’s have a look at them.

Optical ports may be found on both the Soundbar and the Sceptre TV. The Jack, however, may be labeled differently in different Soundbars. Optical In/Out or Digital Audio Optical In/Out can be used.
Take the optical cable and attach one end to the Sceptre TV’s optical out port and the other end to the Soundbar’s Optical In port.
You’ll need to adjust your Soundbar and television settings once you’ve connected both ends of the optical connection. The instructions may be used to make the adjustments to the Soundbar.
Go to the sound settings on the television and choose the optical cable as the audio source.



The three options to connect your Soundbar to Sceptre TV are via HDMI cable, optical cable, and RCA cable. Because the signals via connected systems are more strong, they are regarded preferable than wireless connections.

In Sceptre TV, however, you have no other option except to use one of the wired methods to connect it to a SoundBar. We hope that this post was helpful and that you will be able to connect a Soundbar to your Sceptre TV without difficulty.

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